The Glendale River Hills School District provides a total education program for all students in the District. School fees are assessed to defray the cost of educational materials used in grades K5-8. In addition, fees are assessed for certain extra-curricular activities, courses and services that may require additional funding.

Fee maximum is $600 per family. All fees will be waived IF YOUR FAMILY QUALIFIES FOR FREE LUNCH. This excludes fines for damaged or lost property.There is a 50% waiver of fees for families that qualify for REDUCED priced lunch. This excludes fines for damaged or lost property.

You will have 30 days to complete an application for the free/reduced priced meal program. If no application is received by the District within 30 days, or if your family no longer qualifies for free lunch, you will be responsible for all fees.

No matter your current status, any past due fees will remain due.